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You are crucial to your website being the best it can be

Apr 12, 2022

I can’t shout it loud enough – you are crucial to the success or failure of your website. I believe you are the most important thing to your website being the very best it can be. You know and understand things that a web designer can only dream of!

The key thing to recognise is that you already know the most important things that a web designer needs to know which is your business. More specifically, you know your brand & what makes you unique.

I don’t mean just your colours and fonts – I mean your USP, your elevator pitch, your voice and how you want to be heard by clients and potential clients. Each business is unique but this makes it easier for you when designing your own website. Because you already know what makes you unique and how and where to pitch this.

Following on naturally from yesterday, you also know your clients more than anyone else. Their pain points, their problems, and the level of knowledge and experience they have. How formal and informal do you need to be. What their desires and dreams are and finally what makes them buy.

Most of us follow the know, like trust mantra in our approach but when you know your clients as well as you do then it is much easier to know what to put into those three boxes. So that they are no longer making a decision solely on price. This is one of the main aims of almost all websites and you truly are the best person to make sure your website does this.

But we need to care – because your website can do so much more than just provide information or show your portfolio. It can really work hard in your business making things run more efficiently and smoothly. Because you know your business you are best placed to make sure your website does just that.

It is crucial to think about the future when you are designing your own website – As you don’t want to spend time and money on something that isn’t going to last.

What do you think you might need so that you can make sure your website can do it when the time is right?
Here are a few suggestions to get your juices flowing:
– Sell gift vouchers
– Offer an online course
– Book appointments
– Leave reviews
– Podcast
-Private members’ area

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