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What to use instead of an email marketing popup

Feb 14, 2022

Can you guess what website feature I get asked for most?
It’s also the one I dislike the most?

The answer is an email marketing popup.

I totally get why many people think that’s the easiest way to collect email addresses.

But the truth is that these days we rarely give away our email addresses for free. Offer me an interesting e-book or a mini-course then I’ll sign-up. But a popup form and I’ll almost certainly just click on the close button.

Even worse, sometimes I’ll just close the website tab. Which is the exact opposite result of what you want!

So, my next question is instead of an email marketing popup what do both you and your clients need?

I’m not saying don’t highlight your email list to your visitors just that doing so in a less intrusive manner might be better.

Strategically placed opt-in sections also give you more space to pitch to your visitor why signing up would be in their interest. And not just on your website.

Consider having it as your CTA on your Facebook page, in your Instagram bio or link tree.

Tomorrow, I’ll be exploring ideas on why people sign up and how you can use these to encourage more to do so.

The reason you want them to sign up to your list is obvious but what are theirs?

Generally, the key reasons people sign up are: entertainment, useful tips, a recommendation, saves money.

Which of these suits your circumstances the best? Now, how can we make this about them not you?

So instead of – Sign up for our newsletter. Try:
Want a great deal? Sign up today!
Earn more money with our tips
Be the first to know about our launch/sale

If you are going to use a pop-up then I would highly recommend one when your visitor is about to leave your site – known as an exit-intent pop-up.

That way their experience on your website isn’t interrupted. If they feel respected and well looked after they are more likely to opt-in to your mailing list.

For me, email marketing is all about respect and transparency.

Any questions or comments?