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website marketing

make your business heard

Your website may look great but is it pulling its weight?

Websites are more than just an online C.V.  They are even more than just a shop-front to you and your business.

Since you are spending time and money on your website then make it work harder & smarter.  Website marketing can be a substantial part of the marketing of your business.

There are ways that your website can be enhanced to help promote your business and to assist with converting your ideal clients and get you more sales.


Contact form

So simple but so effective

You’ve put in all the hard work to get a cold lead all the way to your website, engaged them and warmed them enough for them to contact you.

Now is the time for you to shine brighter than any of your competition.



The benefits of a blog
In a world of podcasts and “TickTocks” a blog can seem a bit old fashioned. But web designers love blogs and I think you should too. This package will show you why.



Shift your marketing up a gear and save you time

We’ve almost passed the stage of people just signing up for a newsletter. Today, if you want someone’s email you have to give them something more tangible in return.

Website marketing is more than just having an email list but it is still an important part of promoting your business. You can also use your email software to send automatic emails that aren’t marketing  – saving you time, so you can focus on other things that matter.



Don’t struggle on your own
When you are in the DIY phase of your business, you are doing everything yourself and on a budget. There are so many applications and software available, that can be of huge benefit to freelancers and independent businesses. You need a system that works for you.


You’re amazing!


You’re amazing! Let’s tell more people
I understand that self-promotion can be difficult for many freelancers & creatives.

It is for me too – I get really embarrassed doing it.  This is why technology is brilliant it can do so much of the work for you.

Whether you have a website marketing plan or If you are not sure what you need, I am here to help – let’s chat.