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Mapping out a website enquiry process

Jul 4, 2022

Mapping out an enquiry process for a client is one of my favourite tasks.  It is the point in the process when the “know, like & trust” aspects of the website design are in place and we are now planning what to do with any new enquiries.   

Your website provides you with some wonderful tools and opportunities to make sure your enquiry process is top banana. These are going to be covered in my next blog post but first, there is some research and planning to be done.

Look back at the last 6 – 12 months and start making some notes

What questions did you get asked the most? 

For many of my clients, the most requested piece of information is their pricing list.  For myself it is usually: do I need to start a new website from scratch and what timescale do I work to.

What information do you keep sending, repeatedly? 

I work a lot with photographers and they often send a full gallery of one of their photo shoots so a potential client can see the whole thing not just a few highlights on their website.  Another client is often asked: when do they start selling tickets and taking bookings for their special events.

What can be highlighted to showcase your knowledge and expertise?  

If you have a blog it may be a couple of posts, or maybe you’ve done a case study.  Finally, if you haven’t already asked for feedback and start collecting some testimonials.

Were there any blocks in the process?

For example, was there a delay because you were too busy to reply to a question.  did you lose a lead – amongst all your client work and admin, it is easily done!

These elements can be used in conjunction with your website to help tip the balance so any potential new client books with you and not someone else.

Next week we will be focusing on what to do with these answers and making sure your website is doing a lot of the heavy lifting for your business – turning enquiries into new clients.

Today’s blog post tune is Junkers Blues by Hugh Laurie.

Any questions or comments?