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I am a freelance web designer who designs websites for freelancers,  creatives and small businesses.  Here is a selection of some recent web designs.


Illuminate - web site design

An experienced team of arts and heritage education professionals were in need of a new website to develop a customer base not needed before the recent pandemic.  


Hannah Ayre | web site & e-commerce

Hannah is a participatory artist, educator and producer.  Her original brief was that she wanted a very simple and clean portfolio website to show to clients her past projects and to be very easy to update.  As a freelance web designer I worked with her closely to achieve her aims.  More recently it has expanded to include a resources section and an e-commerce shop.


Lisa Derevycka | web site & e-commerce

Lisa is a photographer who needed a new website which would showcase her work to new clients.  After a year she needed a freelance web designer to add a client portal for current clients and most recently an online shop.  It was lovely to design all these elements of her web site.

Jules takes you through a lovely process where you reconnect with your own business. You’ll have a fresh or an affirmed perspective on your business and will think about what you want to say to your customers in a new clear, and beautifully designed, way.

– Karen, Illuminate UK – 

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