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The things I get asked frequently is how to do something cheaply and quickly.  This guide to e-commerce takes both of these issues and includes some tips and solutions so as not to overwhelm anyone who is new to e-commerce.

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I have recently started a free Facebook group to help support people who are in the DIY phase of their business. This is a space where freelancers and self-employed people can come together to get support and help.  We also let each other know about freebies and offers to help us all save money.

It is a friendly and supportive place.

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website mobile optimisation

website mobile optimisation

Web design is distinctly unsexy and I am fine with that.  It is geeky and practical with a sprinkling of aesthetics. But considering I love what I do and who I am, even for me the phrase ‘website mobile optimisation’ may be one of the biggest turn offs in my...

Tips to save time – for creative freelancers

Tips to save time – for creative freelancers

Time is precious especially for freelancers, which is why I wanted to share these free and simple tips to save time in your freelance business. But first I just wanted to say it’s your time so use it how you want to.  I like to work slow on project work not...

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