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The things I get asked frequently is how to do something cheaply and quickly.  This guide to e-commerce takes both of these issues and includes some tips and solutions so as not to overwhelm anyone who is new to e-commerce.

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I have recently started a free Facebook group to help support people who are in the DIY phase of their business. This is a space where freelancers and self-employed people can come together to get support and help.  We also let each other know about freebies and offers to help us all save money.

It is a friendly and supportive place.

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Freelancer client relations – how to maintain them

Freelancer client relations – how to maintain them

As a busy freelancer, going from job to job, it can be difficult to maintain ongoing client relations once the job is over.  I’m not fickle, just busy! I know I have allowed past clients to just drift away despite having formed a great working relationship with...

Pivot your business to be online

Pivot your business to be online

The pandemic has meant that many creatives have had to pivot their business to be online. Hannah Ayre is a participatory artist, educator & producer. Creating everything from small-scale crafts to large-scale outdoor sculpture & events. During the...

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