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Designing your own website

Where to start

Maybe you’ve tried before but got put off by the technical set-up.  Or you gave up because it was just lots of hard work with no fun.

This guide steers you through the process of starting your web design & simplifies the whole process.

Get professional guidance and insider tips I use with every client


Selling online – fast!

The things I get asked most frequently are how to do something cheaply or quickly.  This guide to e-commerce takes both of these issues and includes some tips and solutions so as not to overwhelm anyone who is new to e-commerce.

Are you struggling on your own?

I have recently started a free Facebook group to help support people who are in the DIY phase of their business.

This is a space where freelancers and self-employed people can come together to get support and help.  We also let each other know about freebies and offers to help us all save money.

It’s a friendly & supportive place

There is more free info over on the blog

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Website inquiry process

Website inquiry process

As always in web design, the website inquiry process starts with some research and planning. In my last post, we looked at this - you can see it here. This post deals with your answers. The general aims of a website inquiry process are: Give them the important...

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Mapping out a website enquiry process

Mapping out a website enquiry process

Mapping out an enquiry process for a client is one of my favourite tasks.  It is the point in the process when the “know, like & trust” aspects of the website design are in place and we are now planning what to do with any new enquiries.   ...

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