I am a Virtual Assistant based in the UK

I wanted to be a Sheriff when I was little, living in suburbia in the North of England, but instead I became a Virtual Assistant based in Cornwall, in the UK.  If you have a spare moment, maybe put the kettle on get a cuppa and settle in

A long time ago…

I think there was a herald of trumpets, if not then at least a rainbow with a pot of gold at the end. To be honest, it was so long ago I can’t remember but I was born.

A photo of little me

jules va childhood photo

When I was a kid I wanted to be a sheriff

I didn’t know what one was as I was living in suburbia in England. But I liked the badge and the hat.

When I was bigger I wanted to be an investigative journalist

Exposing corruption and bringing all the wrong ‘uns to justice.  I was a huge fan of the T.V. show Press Gang* and I saw myself as a combination of Julia Sawalha and Dexter Fletcher – but Northern.

*For you non-British readers this was my favourite children’s TV show in the 80s. 

An unseen bump in the road

Both these career plans were thwarted because of a quirk in the English state school system when I found myself in a single-sex school just as my teenage hormones started to kick in…


Me & my teenage hormones 

jules va teenage photo
In order to meet boys, or rather a very particular boy who had caught my eye, I joined a local youth drama group


And dear reader, it was a true love affair.  It spanned many decades there’s been ups and downs, of course there has, but still to this day – I love theatre.  As for the spotty youth, his memory and name are as faded as my 1980s stonewashed jeans.


My 21st in a theatre lighting booth

jules va 21st birthday photo
My career has mainly been in the creative industries, particularly theatre.

There was a small foray into the financial sector because I wanted to learn more about this area.  Especially, with relation to small business such as financial investment, bookkeeping and Company Secretary requirements.  Which I did learn, but I also needed to earn more money because I wanted to buy a flat.

After years of working, next came an early (I hope) mid-life crisis

So I rented out my lovely flat and headed off on some travelling adventures. 

My first solo travel adventure

jules va travelling photograph

I did odd jobs when I was travelling

Including trying to help my annoyingly talented friends and family members who were freelancers and even though can do anything, they can’t do everything.  

Word spread through their peers until one day I realised I was in fact a virtual assistant, and that I loved it.

I have either worked freelance or for small businesses and therefor I have knowledge and experience of the day-to-day administration tasks which are involved.  I like the fact that I get a chance to put it all this to good use.


This is me today – a Virtual Assistant, living in Cornwall in the UK

I love having a broad brief – going from designing a website to doing quarterly bookkeeping in one afternoon.

I like wearing multiple hats, even though none of them so far have been a sheriff’s hat, I remain optimistic!

assisting you with your needs & helping you run your business more smoothly and efficiently

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